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The World Gym in Palm Desert, CA is one gym to stay away from! They act very unethically! I was talked into signing up for a month to month membership, which I was told I could cancel at anytime with 30 days notice.

However, lo and behold, when I did ask to cancel a couple months later, exactly 30 days before my next billing period, they played all kinds of games saying that I had to talk to the operations manager in person -- but he was not available! That my writing out a notice of cancellation was not good enough (even though in the contract that was all it says is requested) and that it would have to be sent certified and received 30 days in advance, which was of course now impossible -- and so forth.

I left the club, immediately contacted visa and am disputing all these charges. But everyone should be aware how unethical this gym is. There are multiple reports on the internet, and lawsuits have been filed against them in many other states, as far as I have been able to determine. So do beware!

Just as a side note -- I am currently disabled from an accident, which they knew about, and was very wary to make a commitment to any gym because my doctors did not want me to do any weight bearing exercise.

Even with all this, they did not hesitate to try to swindle me!

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just happened to stumble on this page and these comments do Not reflect my experience at all, i think most people just want to whine and complain when they don't want to take responsibility for there own actions.....

to Amazing Whining website...wow #1071741

This is such an old post.. Hope you find it again.

Hey, check this. You're an ***!!!

Indianapolis, Indiana, United States #733143

I have also had a terrible experience with World Gym in Palm Desert, Indio, Ca. Same *** in signing up - they offered a 2 week trial that you could not cancel.

Also, I moved to Indiana in August '13 and cancelled my membership before I left.

It is now Oct '13 and they are still charging me and I am still trying to cancel. World Gym Headquarters is no help.


Has anyone found a solution?

I canceled my membership back in 2009 when I moved and upon relocating back to the World Gym area went to see what the memberships look like and found out they had never canceled my account and I supposively owed them $3500!! I never received one call or letter alerting me that the membership hadn't been canceled properly!!!

I'm looking into filing a class action lawsuit but wanted to know success everyone else has had in fighting this.


I agree i have bn trying to cancel mymenbership because I relocated and they wont cancel it. I lost the number does anyone have the cancelation number bcz i will call them again


world gym has done the same to me i have to move to california to take care of my sick grandpa i have no job anymore i wanted to cancel and then they told me i couldnt WTH! is there anything we could do to stop this because it is kind of rediculous especially when i dont want a bad credit and i dont want to pay for something i cant do!!!!!


They are such crooks! HOLY COW!

I can't believe i fell for this. I signed up for 1 year- as in 12 months! But somewhere in the fine print, it stated there was automatic renewal. This automatic renewal was explained as the option of continuing after the 12 months, not mandatory!

So I called during the 10th month making sure there weren't and hidden hoops I had to jump through and they said no! I ended up having to pay for 13 months and cancelled my bank account. When I talked to the manager, JIM RYAN, he insulted me (a customer) and played the age card. Screw World Gym.

Needless to say, I'll be using this last month to my full advantage and get my money's worth. I am going to annoy them until the end.

Also, they advertise that at any time, you can cancel your contract if you have a medical condition or you are moving to a location without a World Gym- load of bologna.

They wanted me to pay almost $200 to cancel it, even with a utility bill! Screwwwww them!


They did the same to me! I am so mad I can hardly stand it!


I went in to cancel in person and I was told I would have to make an apointment to meet with another person to cancel, I was told the reason for this is "too many hands in the pot and it gets to confusing if we cancel you any other way" my response is Is that my problem that you guys are too disorganized? This is just a time wasting ploy to get people who are already busy to continue with these contracts. they are extremely unethical.


Did the same to me. AND...they even forged my name to their contract! It's been 6 months and ABC Financial is still calling me trying to collect.

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