Formal Letter of Complaint

3 February 2014, Saturday, Linsen Club, Hsinchu (Taiwan)

Dear Sir/Madam

I am writing this letter in response to the unacceptable level of support and communication that the English speaking members of World Gym get. We are currently in the middle of Chinese New Year, a much celebrated and happy period of the year in Asia.

It has however been marred by the lack of communication and support by World Gym management in NOT communicating their business hours to members.

a) A few days before CNY started I kept looking for posted signs saying which days and hours the gym will be following during the break. When none were posted (in English) I asked staff and was informed "Oh, until 4 every day." After visiting the gym for the last 2 days and still finding it closed it seems this was incorrect. Printing out a simple sign and posting at the counter in Chinese and English can surely not be that hard?

b) I then visited the website for clarification. After going through every page and translating it into English I could not find any notice regarding opening hours during this period. Surely a simple image in English and Chinese cannot be that hard to post on the Home page?

c) I then called hoping that a voicemail might have been set up to inform members of the opening hours. No answer at any of the 3 clubs that I phoned. Could I be that hard to set up a simple voicemail in Chinese and English informing customers?

Let me be clear. I did not expect all 3 of these to be available. But surely thinking of 1 must have crossed the mind of staff? And doing so in 2 languages is a basic for any international company?

I have been a member of WG since it opened, and let me assure you that with this level of service I will do my best to find another company to support. I notice on your site you ask that complaints be sent to you before approaching media and other venues. I fully intend to do my best to send this to John Caraccio and Michael Sanciprian, as well as any local media outlets as I feel a) you do not support your foreign clientele b) and it is time they ask for equal value for their monthly membership fees.



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