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Not the cleanest gym but I tried to support our local WG. WG made an error with my account when activating my account and instead of calling to discuss, they sent my file to collections for $30 late payment.

I called to sort it out, WG was unwilling to accommodate. I'd been supporting the WG for years, never missed a payment, never had an issue. New management comes along and destroyed the relationship.

I'll take my business elsewhere and definitely do not recommend this gym to anyone. There are other gyms in the area with better equipment, professional staff, and friendly customer support.

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Buffalo, New York, United States #803699

My wife had an issue with her debit card, her bank changed the number due to fraud. She forgot to notify the gym, honestly forgot that they were being paid off of that card.

When she realized it, she called world gym and was told that they had called and left a message (never had any messages from them) and that they had sent the debt to collections.

No big deal, $15 a month for maybe 4 months, so $60. Nope! The guy at collections quoted her some amount of over $300!

Mind you we had a 1 year agreement that had been long satisfied. It worst, you cancel the service and bill for an additional month, etc. the guy gave her a run around about if she paid today he would knock it down to $250, blah blah blah. Asked for how they were coming up with those dollar amounts and it was a constant request for a debit card number to pay them.

I think not!

Oh well, LA Fitness opened here.

More per month, but a nicer facility and no contract at all. Will contact them again and see if they have anyone with a brain, that understands that they legally must provide a proof of debt to be able to legally collect it.

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