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I had a very unpleasant experience at the Fairfax, VA facility involving the receptionist, Jenny, who was working 23 December at 7PM.

I had requested a printout of my billing for the year the previous day (22 December at 6AM), and I was assured the document would be available for pickup today (23 December). When I asked Jenny if the document was available, without even looking she told me that there was nothing there and that I should call for myself since the manager was not available. She was busy on her personal computer, and apparently did not want to be distracted. I was incredulous that she would not even look and tell me to call for mself when I had done so the previous day.

She continued to tell me that I shouldn't have an attitude and that I was acting like a Jack ***. She repeatedly called me a Jack ***, at which I told her I was done speaking with her. She continued to be argumentative and make obscene gestures as I walked away. Later Jenny returned with the envelope in hand and proceeded to throw the envelope at me. She told me that her manager would take her side, I guess she never heard the customer is right.

I am a very nice person, and do not have a temper and kept my cool the entire time, but this behavior was extremely unprofessional. I routinely help keep the gym clean when I come in at my normal time of 5-6AM during the week. I routinely rack weights when other people leave them, and I pick up litter off the ground. I am a Senior Manager with a large multinational corporation, and I have never in my professional career been treated with such disrespect. I will strongly recommend my friends and co-workers to avoid this facility as a result in addition to me cancelling my membership immediately.

Product or Service Mentioned: World Gym Facility.

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The manager ended up contacting me and apologizing for the rude behavior. I was offered 3 months of free membership, but I declined and canceled my membership.

The manager, Wendy, was very nice about it and professional. I do appreciate the follow up, and Wendy mentioned having spoken with Jenny so this situation did not occur again.


I love how people like you lie and exaggerate about how an employee was supposedly acting to dramatize the story.

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